Mismatched Can Be Beautiful

Model Molly Sims’s Bridal Party

One of my favorite trends in the bridal industry is the mismatched look of bridesmaid dresses! Looking at our parents wedding photos, we see a lot of the same; the same hairstyles, the same colors, and the same flowers. Now as weddings are getting more and more creative, brides are dressing their girls in a variety of different dresses!

Variety adds interest and personality to your wedding party.  I keep seeing this trend all the time in celebrity wedding photos.  I love how model Molly Sims chose simple dresses that the girls can reuse for the other events.  Letting your bridesmaids choose from different options gives them the ability to choose something they love and feel confident in.  They will feel like they helped make creative decisions and weren’t forced to wear something they didn’t love.

This trend is not only for the ladies; your groomsmen can be mismatched too! Think mismatched ties, or unique boutonnieres! Nervous about this trend? Here’s a tip! Try to keep all of the dresses in the same color scheme, like the muted brown tones Sims chose.  Or keep all of the dresses the same color, but vary the style of each dress. Mismatched can be beautiful!


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