5 Inexpensive Tree Hanging Decorations for Your Wedding

Decorating your outdoor space has a lot to do with making the area feel cozy and intimate.  Aside from providing shade, the trees around you can function as a decorative backdrop for your ceremony.  I keep seeing tons of photos for tree hanging decorative ideas.  Here are 5 creative and inexpensive ideas that will add some interest to your gorgeous setting

1. Mason Jars – Mason jars are classic and simple and they keep popping up in all kinds of decorating projects these days!  They are often used as vases for centerpieces, cups for drinks, or containers for candy.  Make a handle for the jar using thin wire or ribbon.  You can fill the jars with water and cut off flower heads or petals to put inside of the jar as well.  The flowers will float on top of the water with simplistic elegance.  Don’t like the flower idea?  Try filling the jars with water and putting a little tea-light candle inside.  The tea light will also float on the water and add beautiful, soft lighting.  Hang the Mason jars from trees with wire or ribbon.

2. Paper Lanterns – Paper lanterns are a fun and colorful way to decorate your venue!  They come in so many kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes that you will have so much to choose from depending on the look you are going for.  From light and airy to bright and bold, hanging the lanterns on the branches of trees will automatically vary their heights.  Lanterns are a great way to fill up space and add color.  Don’t worry about using the lanterns with actual lighting; they will look great when they aren’t lit too!

3. Glass Bottles and Candlesticks – Keep an eye out for unique glass bottles and candle sticks at local yard sales.  Fill them with water and a flower or two and hang them from tree branches with twine.  This is a great look for rustic garden weddings!

4. Candle Votives – For a romantic look, purchase small hanging candle votives and place a small candle inside.  Hanging votives come in so many different shapes and styles.  This idea will look beautiful in any setting!  Light them and hang them from trees to add soft lighting to your party.  These will look gorgeous when the sun begins to set!

5. Picture Frames – I absolutely love this idea!  Find old frames at a local thrift store or yard sale.  You can paint them or stain them and tie ribbon to the back hinges in a loop so they will hang evenly on the tree branch.  Drive a nail into the tree branch to hang the frames.  Then, find photos of you as a couple to put inside of the frames.  Think engagement photos or photos with family and friends.  As a way to honor your family, you can fill some of the frames with family wedding photos of your parents and grandparents.  This will add a beautiful personal touch to your ceremony and is sure to see some smiles.


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