Fall Colors You’ve Never Thought Of

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year to have your outdoor wedding.   The bright reds and oranges and the warm amber hues are a compliment to any outdoor setting.  When planning a fall wedding, people seem to default to red in their color scheme.  Even though red is a beautiful color here are some color ideas to make your fall ceremony stand out!

Plum – Plum is a rich color with deep red and purple tones.  Make plum your base color and add lavender, red, and fuchsia accents for interest.  Think plum orchids and calla lilies.  Plum colored flowers also look gorgeous with ivory as well.

Pumpkin Spice – Pumpkin spice is a fun play on orange.  As opposed to orange, pumpkin spice pulls out more of the rust and brown tones.  Try pairing pumpkin colored freesia with green orchids and roses.  Dahlias also come in gorgeous rust colors.

 Peacock Green – Peacock green is a bold mix of blue and green.  This shade of green works well with jewel tones like plum, midnight blue, and turquois.  You can incorporate peacock feathers throughout your bouquet and in your ceremony.

 Granny Smith Green – Granny smith green is a brighter and lighter version of peacock green.  Think green and white orchids and green hydrangeas.  This shade of green works well with white or ivory.  For more color, fill baskets with limes and apples as your centerpieces.

 Soft Yellow – Yellow is a wonderful color because it can be paired with so many other colors.  Yellow looks beautiful with light greens, orange, and even plum.  For a unique look, try adding rose hip into your bouquets and centerpieces.  This will add a punch of color and some texture.


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