How to Decorate a Barn

A barn is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding!  When you think of a barn, you typically think of hay and horses; well at least I do.  But just because your wedding is in a barn doesn’t mean it has to be a full-on country celebration.  With a few simple touches, you can transform a barn into a wedding wonderland. Here are some ideas and photos for inspiration!

Paper lanterns and chandeliers are a creative way to draw attention to the high ceilings.  With paper lanterns, you can incorporate more of your color scheme into your setting.  Find old chandeliers at local antique shops or yard sales.  Try spray painting them fun colors like robins egg blue or lavender or paint them traditional black or brown.  (See this blog post for more ideas!)

Stringing Christmas lights around beams in the barn adds soft lighting and looks gorgeous when the sun beings to set.

Use fabric to create curtains and divide up the space.  If you are having your reception in a big barn, use fabric to create sections for sitting, dinning, and dancing.  Fabric is a way to add texture and color without having to paint.  So much easier! (and elegant too!)

Decorate the entrance to the barn with greenery.  Place barrels filled with flowers or topiaries in terra cotta pots on either side of the entrance.  Wrap a garland of pine or any other type of greenery around the archway, using nails to hold it up.  A warm entrance way is a wonderful way to welcome guests.

Also, who said you have to have your reception inside the barn?  You can have your wedding outside in the field surrounding the barn too!  Use it as a backdrop for rustic charm.


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