How to Bring the Outdoors In for Your Winter Wedding



While the sparkling snow and the cozy nights spent by the warm fire make winter a beautiful season, the elements are not as conducive to outdoor weddings here on the east coast.  I’ve been brainstorming some ways you can bring the outdoors in for your winter wedding.

For a winter wonderland theme, I like the idea of taking large branches and twigs and arranging them in white vases in different locations around the venue.  Drape a shimmery white fabric down the center for an aisle and line the aisle with small, clear candle votives.  Light them during the ceremony.  Surround the seating area with evergreen branches or topiaries, white orchids, roses, and gardenias.  Keep in mind that many types of flowers are much more costly in the winter due to the weather.  Lilies, evergreens, Gerber daisies, holly berries, roses and certain types of orchids are easily accessible during the winter months.  See this blog for more photos and inspiration!

For a rustic winter wedding theme, birch logs wrapped in burlap and ivory or lavender lace surrounded by candles and roses make for beautiful centerpieces. Carve your initials and your fiancé’s initials encircled by a heart into the birch log.  This is a cute way to commemorate your love!   I’ve also seen photos of birch logs carved out with flower arrangements placed inside of them.  This is a great idea if you are going for a more polished look.  Consider using ivory plates with gold or silver detailing.  Many silverware rental places will have options.  Fold napkins in rectangular shapes and wrap them in lace matching the centerpieces.  Tuck in evergreen sprigs and distribute pine cones around the tables.  You can even use pine cones to create place card holders.  Hang simple iron chandeliers throughout the venue and light candles in them to create a warm ambiance.

For a winter berry wedding theme, use warm red hues and evergreens.  Combinations of ivory and red roses, rose hip, holly berries, and evergreen branches make for beautiful centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres.  Ornament centerpieces with antique sleigh bells and miniature barn stars.  If you love flowers, use a lot of them!  Berries and twigs are a beautiful, simplistic, and inexpensive option.  Use the image of the bouquet as inspiration!

All of the photos I used as inspiration for my ideas were found on Pinterest.  Follow the links provided in the image captions for more ideas!


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